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Discover our innovative dental impression heating units, meticulously designed to enhance the precision and ease of creating dental casts. Engineered with a deep understanding of the industry by Dr. Michael Gregory, our units provide controlled and consistent thermoplastic material heating.

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Our History

Our story begins with the visionary expertise of Dr. Mike Gregory, a distinguished alumnus of Bristol University Dental School. As a Removable Prosthodontics specialist and a postgraduate tutor, he seamlessly blended his clinical wisdom with a passion for education, revolutionizing dental impression creation across the UK.

From his early days as a technician to his prominent role as a dentist since 1988, Dr. Michael Gregory's path was marked by an unwavering dedication to the field. He intimately understood the frustrations that arose from imperfect impressions and dental casts. During his dental undergraduate days, a pivotal revelation occurred—he harnessed the transformative power of thermoplastic materials to modify stock trays. This breakthrough ignited a transformation in treatment quality and simplicity.

Driven by an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, Dr. Gregory encountered a fresh challenge: sourcing a high-caliber water bath tailored for specific dental materials. This ignited the spark of innovation, propelling his quest to reshape the landscape of dental impression education and practice.

Years of imparting impression-taking knowledge highlighted a gaping void—an absence of a dedicated heater unit meeting stringent clinical standards. Undeterred, Dr. Gregory embarked on a journey into uncharted realms, seeking a partnership to birth the next era of heated water baths.

Intrigued by his vision, Deo Beauty eagerly embraced this revolutionary concept. Drawing on their legacy of crafting digital heating products and collaborations with academic luminaries, Deo had already crafted a world-renowned heating unit, lauded in the beauty industry for its excellence.

Today's reality is a testament to this collaboration: clinicians wield a dedicated water bath featuring autoclavable inserts, a tool transforming impression creation into a precise and predictable process. Dr. Gregory and Jai Ragbir, owner of Deo Dental, extend their heartfelt appreciation to the clinicians and support staff pivotal in achieving this remarkable milestone.

  • Our vision

    We strive to set new industry standards by combining Dr. Gregory's unparalleled expertise with technological innovation. By fostering collaboration and continuous improvement, we aspire to reshape dentistry, ensuring every clinician experiences the transformative benefits of our solutions.

  • Our mission

    To empower dental professionals worldwide with innovative, precision-driven solutions that elevate the art of dental impressions. Through the visionary insights of our founder, Dr. Mike Gregory, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge products that enhance patient comfort, practitioner confidence, and treatment efficiency.