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Sarah Geelhoed

Thank you for creating this, has really helped and is used daily!

Hannah McHugh
What a great little water bath!

A fantastic conveniently sized water bath that has changed my practice on taking primary and secondary denture impressions. Easy to use, takes up minimal space, quick to get to temperature and easy to clean.

Fantastic product

The water bath is a game changer. It warms up my compound predictably to the right temperature (don't have to worry about compound getting too hot-sticky or not soft enough). I sometimes even dip the whole tray to re-soften and resit the compound if something is not quite right.
Great, great product!!

Bita Fox
No fuss No mess heater

Why has nobody thought to develop this product before? One of the reasons I didn’t use compound or green stick post dental school over 20 years ago! Now I have no excuse not to. Heats consistently reliably heating to the temperature I need. Brilliant product!

Adam Kingsley
Game changer

The Deodent Water Bath ensures that heating your compound and green stick is consistently reliable, resulting in smoother impressions and making the process much easier.

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Multi-purpose heater DD030404 (HEATER ONLY)


The first multi-purpose digital heater designed and manufactured by DEO beauty products in the UK for DEO DENTAL to assist Dentists and other users take perfect impressions when using impression compound and other materials.


The Deo Dental multi-purpose heater is a fantastic addition to any Dentist or Clinicians and technicians helping you to achieve the best result for your patients.


The digital heater with its 4 functional capabilities which can be used for hot plate; for occlusal rim trimmer; to heat water; green sticks and sheet wax;  Inter/oral photography, Composite compules , LA and Endodontics solution.


This multi-purpose heater has three functions:

1) fast heat mode

2) standby mode 

3) temperature memory

and all at the touch of M (Mode). The Deo Dental multi-purpose heater is manufactured using medical grade polycarbonate and come with a two year guarantee and is fully recyclable.


Attachments are sold for the heater separately:

DD124 and DD125  Hot Plate & Stand  (Programme 1)

DD126 Water Bath and Basket (Programme 2)

DD127 Green stick and Sheet Wax ( Programme 3)

DD128 Intra/Oral photography (Programme 4)

DD129 Composite compules  (Programme 4)



  • Digital indicator display
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Fast heat mode to minimise heating time
  • Standby mode to conserve power when not in use
  • Temperature memory to automatically recall the last set temperature 
  • 4 Different settings for different products (using M) mode
  • Removable cover to prevent and reduce heat loss
  • Smooth medical grade Polycarbonate - wipe clean exterior surfaces for hygiene  
  • Removable electrical power cord
  • Capacity: 550 ml
  • CE Approved
  • RoHS / EMC / LVD / REACH / cUL




Select any of the pre-set programmes

Hot plate (P1)

Water bath (P2)

Green stick and sheet wax (P3)

Mirrors and composite compules and others (P4)


  • The  heater will automatically heat up and maintain the temperature for that pre-set programme. All programmes can be used repeatedly by cycling through the programme until the required programme is displayed.
  • The user can adjust the temperature by decreasing or increasing the digital display.
  • The temperature memory automatically recall the last used temperature.
  • Taking dental impression, trim wax for occlusal registration, heating compules and other products plus photography has never been so easy. .