Water Bath Attachment
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DD 126
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Allows for a quick change between treatments / appointments for optimal cross infection control.

Washer / Disinfector Machine: 90-95°C for a minimum of 1 minute with a PH of 105

Autoclaving: 134-137°C, 2.1-2.25 bar gauge for at least 3 minutes

The silicone insert for the water bath can be put through a washer disinfector and an autoclave

ISO 9001 Certified Organisation


  • Aluminium water chamber 
  • Stainless steel basket 
  • Silicone ring 
  • Temperature probe


  • Manufactured exclusively for DEO Dental. The water bath is made from 1.2 gauge Aluminium
  • The black silicone ring around the edge of the water chamber protects the user from burns.
  • The Stainless steel basket is made of 304 stainless steel.
  • All items are 100% recyclable .
  • Guaranteed 2 year warranty


  • Water will sometimes cause discolouring of the water chamber and  the basket.
  • DEO Dental recommends that you wipe dry the product after use and before autoclaving