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Multi-purpose Heater

The first multi-purpose digital heater designed and manufactured by DEO beauty products in the UK for DEO DENTAL to assist Dentists and other users take perfect impressions when using impression compound and other materials.

The Deo Dental multi-purpose heater is a fantastic addition to any Dentist or Clinicians and technicians helping you to achieve the best result for your patients.

The digital heater with its 4 functional capabilities which can be used for hot plate; for occlusal rim trimmer; to heat water; green sticks and sheet wax;  Inter/oral photography, Composite compules , LA and Endodontics solution.

  • The  heater will automatically heat up and maintain the temperature for that pre-set programme. All programmes can be used repeatedly by cycling through the programme until the required programme is displayed.
  • The user can adjust the temperature by decreasing or increasing the digital display.
  • The temperature memory automatically recall the last used temperature.
  • Taking dental impression, trim wax for occlusal registration, heating compules and other products plus photography has never been so easy.


Water Basket Attachment

Allows for a quick change between treatments / appointments for optimal cross infection control.

Washer / Disinfector Machine: 90-95°C for a minimum of 1 minute with a PH of 105

Autoclaving: 134-137°C, 2.1-2.25 bar gauge for at least 3 minutes

The silicone insert for the water bath can be put through a washer disinfector and an autoclave

ISO 9001 Certified Organisation


  • Aluminium water chamber 
  • Stainless steel basket 
  • Silicone ring 
  • Temperature probe


  • Manufactured exclusively for DEO Dental. The water bath is made from 1.2 gauge Aluminium
  • The black silicone ring around the edge of the water chamber protects the user from burns.
  • The Stainless steel basket is made of 304 stainless steel.
  • All items are 100% recyclable .
  • Guaranteed 2 year warranty


  • Water will sometimes cause discolouring of the water chamber and  the basket.
  • DEO Dental recommends that you wipe dry the product after use and before autoclaving